Prophecy's Empire

Current quests

Several issues remain unsolved to date:

  • Roshi’s arm looks bad, and needs to be cured. The soulwaters hidden somewhere in Western Khorvaire may prove useful.
  • Gnomes and elves have formed some kind of alliance, though to what end they are working toawrds is unclear.
  • Rhesh Turakbar, a vile demon worshiping minotaur from Droamm, has assembled an army and is wrecking havoc across Breland and the Eldeen Reaches. Roshi believes Moil, Durostan, and Baphomet (the demon that Rhesh worships) are underlings of a far worse rakshasa named Bel Shalor. Undoubtedly these demons are trying to manipulate the prophecy to fulfill their dark agendas.
  • Ithyria is still on the loose, and her story most likely corresponds to ours in some key way.



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