Prophecy's Empire

Manishtu's interpretation of the Prophecy of Three and the Wheel of light and shadow

Manishtu has collected various segments of an incomplete prophecy. He suspects our party to be a part of this prophecy, but hesitates to confirm that. In two years, a profound planetary alignment will allow for movement of the wheel of light and shadow. It is not clear where or what that is, but determines or reflects the possible fate of the world. It has 13 states of being or notches, and it currently between a neutral state and a shadowy state. Moving towards the shadow will be a disaster for civilization, at least as far as Manishtu is concerned. Manishtu also suspects that the total prophecy is 13 verses.

1. The Wheel of Light and Shadow shall shift again when the shattered world returns.
(2 lines missing from this verse)

2. Three shall push the wheel towards light.
Three shall push the wheel towards shadow.
Three in the middle shall decide its course.

3. When the wheel turns to shadow, the mists will rise again and the children of the dragon between will flourish only in death.
And this shall be if the shattered world lingers in its broken course.
(1 line missing)

4. And this shall be if the shattered world is made whole again.
(2 lines missing)

5. Only the son of Khyber can bind the Eye of Siberys.
(2 parts missing)

6. The heart of Eberron is the first of the three who shall decide the course of the wheel of light and shadow.
(2 parts missing)

Seven verses are missing. Manishtu suspects those verse pertain to the following…
Who the three of light are.
Who the three of shadow are.
Where the wheel is.
What the wheel is.
What would happen if the wheel fails to shift at all.
These seem like probable verses.



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