Prophecy's Empire


The temple of Sulthirak, near the base of the huge volcano Haka’Torvhak, held many secrets for party to unearth. The lands around Haka’Torvhak are clearly tainted, the party having had to fight bullywugs and demons to get to Sulthirak, a sign that the Rakshasa overlord imprisoned within the volcano is more active than any sane person would care to think about.

Most importantly, it was the resting place of The Heart of Eberron, a 12 foot eberron dragonshard which the party is currently escorting to Newthrone, with plans to take to Krona Peak and give to the care of Manishtu.

Strange ancient technology was found in the Temple, including a illusion generating device which told the story of the Temple. When the dragonborn failed to contain the Rakshasa 9000 years ago, the duty was taken from them by the dragons who to this day manage the fiend. Additionally, the Minotaurs have some kind of relevant connection to the dragonborn, having helped build the ancient structures of this lost city. The illusion did not say where the minotaurs are from.

A glowing segment of wall within the temple revealed a portion of the draconic prophecy. Because of the archaic syntax of this very old form of draconic, Roshi needs time and reference materials to make anything coherent out of the phrases.



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