Prophecy's Empire

The Vision Quests

Holy Uldra, a halfling mystic with a growing pack of followers, insisted we ‘cleanse’ ourselves before being allowed to carry on with our journey.

The first test saw the party fight a Tyrannosaurus. Teranu’s mastery of the land prevented the behemoth from using its worst attacks.

The second test pitched the party against the elements. Ultimately, James’ nimbleness (body and mind), proved the difference.

The third test was a spirit journey into our own souls.

  • James found himself lost in a maze that offered no answers. Only by smashing the walls of the maze could he escape its unending labyrinth.
  • Teranu found himself in a desolate landscape, barren of life on one side and plagued by a city of pure gold on the other. Undeterred, Teranu found the heart of life within the city and took that seed to fertile soil.
  • Roshi was lost in a Cyre like mist, battling shadows of himself that came at him with unrelenting force. Eventually, he stabbed himself through the heart and was freed.

After that test, we could glimpse into the hearts of our companions.

  • Teranu was seen in constant battle on two fronts; creatures of nature attacking from one side, products of civilization the other.
  • James was covered in armor, removing a piece here and there only to have new metal plates fill in the gaps he created.
  • Roshi was playing in a artificers workshop, seemingly happy, although his every movement was under the control of Moil’s shadow, who manipulated Roshi like a puppet.

Beyond that, we saw the aspect of Balinor, a dragon the size of a mountain, burning the earth in a terrible and beautiful cleansing fire. However, James saw something else… a blinding and haunting light. Just beyond the light was something he needed to see, but he lacked the strength to perceive its form and was struck blind for a time.



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