Prophecy's Empire

Teranu's Journal: Heskin and the Winter Herald (Background)

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Background: Heskin and the Winter Herald

I’m starting to feel the call of nature. I feel the wind blow, backing the force behind my actions. I feel faster than I ever have. The mud is encouraging beneath my hooves, ready to support and stabilize me.

“Put your trust in nature. It will guide you to where you are needed, and knows who you will become. You are going to be a great warden of the world – believe in yourself.” Heskin’s right. I think I believe in myself, but it’s still a little foreign to me to trust in nature.

“You’ve come a great way, Teranu. It is time to see who nature has decided for you to become.” With only a day of rations, he sends me out into the Q’barra jungle to face whatever comes.

Nothing so far. The jungle is quiet. I have a good idea of where I am, but Heskin felt I should try to live more in the wild, so I’ve abandoned the trail. I started a campfire to heat the rations given to me. I’m not sure how smart it is to do this, but I’ll be doing this more often than not, so this is how life is going to be.

Then it came! A wolf almost as tall as I was, and white as the snow-capped mountains in the Mror Holds. I’ve never even heard of wolves this size, let alone this type, being this far south.

I took a defensive stance, and let it come. It lept towards my neck, but I used the incoming force to throw it behind me. Now it was my turn. I charged the wolf, who came at me just as fast.

We must’ve fought each other for some time, as the moons had shifted quite a bit. I kicked him off me and got up. In the second’s rest I had, I re-stablized my footing taking my earth stance and dared him to come at me, snorting.

But he didn’t. He did something I’ve never seen before or since – he bowed. Well, as much as a wolf can. I recognized the bow and returned the favor, holding my mace to my chest. I offered him some of my ration.

I knew in my heart that I had succeeded. The wolf stayed with me throughout the night, and ran with me the next day. Then … he was gone. I went back to the Tribe and told Heskin what happened, he smiled.

“The winter herald has deemed you worthy, Teranu. You certainly are going to be a great warden.” He taught me how to call on the winter herald, this white wolf of the Frostfell. Soon I was able to use a power he had bestowed upon me – the frostgrip. Water would shoot out of the ground like a hot spring, but freeze quickly around my enemies, freezing their entire lower-half in place.

When I turn into this form, I get to “see” my old friend again. I sense his presence, and am reminded of our great battle, and running through the wilds of Q’barra, racing through the jungles like it was our … home.



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