Prophecy's Empire

Teranu's Journal: Heart's Descent

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Heart’s Descent into Talenta

Newthrone. One would’ve never thought that I’d be so apprehensive entering the city I’ve been a part of for the past four years. However, it is exactly how well I know this city that makes me so apprehensive, carrying what we do. I’m almost glad I don’t have the understanding that James or Roshi have about the Heart. Keeps me focused on protecting it.

House Sivis has apparently been filled to full strength while we were go, which was expected. However, these gnomes are from Zilargo, not Krona Peak. Even though they are of the same house, if they found out we we carry, they would commandeer it for their own purposes. Through lying and deception, we managed to hide the Heart in House Sivis for the time being. We hid it in a crate as big as I am, which gives you a good idea of just how massive this Heart is. Afterwards, James spoke with Jin, who arranged to get us the airship we so desperately need right now to get this thing out of Newthrone.

The night passed by uneventfully. James submitted his report to the new leader of the Newthrone enclave, Breena, but she knew he was hiding something. With a crate this large and no eyes having seen what’s in it besides us, it was expected. James even slept with Roshi and I in the stables, as he feared for his life. We almost completely forgot that the assasin, Itharia re-born, is still on the loose.

In the morning, James guarded the crate while Roshi went to get us some supplies for the upcoming journey to Krona Peak. I realized that we probably could use some extra guards, so went to Liondrake and get Terios and Sark to help out. I paid them 100 gold each out of my own pocket. James told me that I’d get reimbursed. I just hope we don’t need them.

As soon as the airship arrived, we started booking it. Terios and I guarded each side of the crate while Sark was up top. When we arrived to the airship, we told the captain rather bluntly that we needed to get going. While surprised, he obliged, as we ghad gotten the supplies he would need. We were finally on our way to Krona Peak.

The Desert Wind
The Desert Wind is a capable-enough airship. Manned by a skeleton-crew of 6 half-elves, including Captain Drew, and first-mate Quinn, they went about their jobs a little more hectic than usual, but that was expected. I’m glad Terios and Sark were able to come.

A few rounds of Kings Crown helped to make the trip a little more enjoyable. Especially for me since I won 100g back.

Battle! Four elven warriors on bats descended upon the ship. They were definitely professionals, the way they fought and looked. They were dressed all in black leather riding black bats. They came for this ship and this cargo. We fought them off, but not soon enough, as the captain and first-officer were killed, meaning the elemental was un-controlled. We braced ourselves for the crash into the Ironroot Mountains (all three of the us guards almost got thrown off the ship). Everyone seemed to make it out okay, but each of us came to a scary realization:

If they wanted to crash the ship, they had people on the ground to pick up the downed cargo…



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