Prophecy's Empire

Teranu's Journal: Journey to Haka’torvhak

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Journey to Haka’torvhak

Day 1: I realized today that while it definitely is good to see James and Roshi again, we are entirely different people than we were four years ago. I agree with Roshi in that fate seems to have brought us together, I just don’t know why. Hopefully it is for good.

During the evening, James and Roshi started talking about fates, the world at large, and in general intellectual stuff. I decided to go to sleep, as it had been a long day, and I should get sleep while I can before we start getting close to Haka’torvhak. I’ve never been out that far, but I’ve heard the stories.

Day 2: Outside of running across some of the dragonborn tribes, it was a pretty uneventful day. There was some small talk throughout the day, but we kept to ourselves for the most part. I was in my element, James didn’t show any emotion either for or against it. Roshi hated this trek, even with Skash, his lizard, follwing him.

That evening, we tried to get to know each other in ways that really mattered – combat. I’m not exactly sure what Roshi does, but he’s made a pact with someone named Morial? All I know is that it apparently lives in Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. I’m fearful of whatever it is getting lose, but Roshi seems confident he can control it, so I will trust him.

James is impressive. For a gnome, he can move amazingly well, and jumps everywhere. He doesn’t seem to use weapons outside of tiny shuriken. He’s definitely the agile one of the group. Hopefully he can avoid getting hit.

I showed off my form. They did think it neat, especially in the sweltering jungle. Couldn’t really show them any of my guardian powers, as I didn’t want to hurt them. I did tell Roshi he should try to stick by me though, as it would help me do what I do better – protect them.

Day 3: Started getting into the border swamp of Haka’torvhak. The volcanic haze smelled of sulfer, and the waters had a layer or ash covering it. This may all be natural, but it does have the demonic taint of the dragon below.

Battle! Our first one together. We fought some corrupted bullywogs. I think I did well, except for leaving Roshi un-defended for a few seconds. They took advantage of it. I need to start trusting them more in battle – that they will bring my foes to me, and take care of any I can’t. My job is to protect Roshi, and keep them busy fighting me.. We got a Staff of Fiery Might, which had an Eberron Dragonshard of Animosity on it. Roshi turned the staff to dust, but the shard’ll help. Hopefully it doesn’t get lost in his stuff. Our party definitely is unique!

Rains started again. I turned my tent into a tarp and let them sleep. The rains refreshed me, and it was the one thing I could connect to as not being corrupted.

Day 4: Reached the rise before Haka’torvhak. The rains stopped and on an outcropping, we could see the sky again, if not for a second. There it stands off in the distance, as does our goal – Sulthirak. That volcano must be over 4 miles high!



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