Prophecy's Empire

Teranu's Journal: Sulthuriak Temple

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Sulthuriak Temple

We arrived early on the fifth day. We descended under the layer of haze persisting around Haka’torvhak, so we were actually about to see a good distance surrounding the excavation site. There were several tents surrounding the temple, all empty.

From what we could tell, nothing had come in and slaughtered them, nor were they poisoned. They hadn’t left in a hurry, and no-one had ransacked the place. We concluded they had probably been manipulated somehow and had gone into the temple, so that’s where we went.

The inside of the temple was as you would expect of an old dragonborn temple. Every so often, we came to a set of massive doors, which we would push open. We found out later there was some gadgets or magic which closed the doors after a while. At this point, we’re following some specks of blood found by one of the doors.

Combat! We found a corpose of one of the gnomes (we think) in one of the rooms we came across. Several demons walked about the room, one was feasting on the corpse. We may have been in over our heads, but we triumphed. We did a lot better than before, and I think Roshi only got hit once. My friend helped me throughout the fight, and I know he enjoyed defeating the demons just as much as I did.

James was in trouble, and I couldn’t get to him. He survived though, with the help of Roshi’s gadgets. I wish there was something I could’ve done.

One of the demons got away – a little fat round demon with wings. He carried a horn, which he had sounded to bring another … thing into the battle. We’ll have to face him again, I know it. And next time, he won’t get away!

We proceeded on, going through doorways and corridors, and came upon a huge room with the draconic prophecy written on the walls. Roshi and James were awe-struck. Roshi wrote down everything that he saw. I know draconic from being with the Riverwatchers, but this was foreign to me. James said it was more arcane than draconic.

The next big room we came to had statues surrounding a throne. Roshi walked up to the throne, and must’ve triggered something, cause these spinning tops of death, sharp edges included, appeared and started attacking us. I knocked the first one over easily enough, but another one appeared.

Roshi and James started trying to disarm it. I tried to keep them focused, cause theyw ere starting to panic … at least Roshi was.

It was not a battle we’re used to, but we got through it. Each top was powered by a shard, and in the end, we got three Khyber Dragonshards out of it. Those will be very useful.

Seems though we’re getting better and better as we move on. Grainger used to say “stay together, work together, win together!” I believe in those wors now more than ever.

After that, we made our way back up and out of the temple. We were all pretty drained, but we got through the night.



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