Ithyria (Deceased?)


The beautiful and haunting Ithyria was once a great avenger, serving the Church of the Silver Flame. On the day of mourning, she lead the charge against the schemers of house Cannith who were apparently meddling in forces beyond their control. The Cannith tower in Making exploded, and dead mists poured forth from it’s wreckage in a mix of fire, lightning, and ash.

Years later, Ithyria has returned, now a servant of evil. She become an assassin, working with Rhesh Turakbar and Teranu’s sister Utara towards some malicious agenda. She has overtly sought to bring Ternau into the dark alliance. Her control of the shadow makes it virtually impossible to track her or kill her.

During the siege of Zarash’ak, Ithyria murdered Terios on the Inner wall, and nearly succeeded in breaching the main keep. However, the Heroes of the Old Order managed to delay their efforts just long enough to see gnomish reinforcements arrive. Manishtu’s unyielding psionic might held her and Rhesh at bay, though no doubt they will surface again with even greater plans for chaos.

James killed her in the soulwell, but Deva’s never die. She will rise again somewhere, and probably worse than before. A new kind of strategy will be needed for her.


Ithyria (Deceased?)

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