Rhesh Turakbar (Deceased)


Rhesh Turakbar has long been a nemesis to the civilized places in or near Droamm. The three sisters did their best to contain him, but in the last few months, he has gone rogue and broken from their authority. He conducted a series of heavy raids against settlements in Breland, then inexplicably turned his attention to the Shadow Marches and Zarash’ak.

It seems the motivator of this newfound ambition is Teranu’s sister, Utara. They have been married and have declared themselves King and Queen of the Minotaur nation. Embroiled in demon worship, this can only be bad news for Eberron.

In the siege of Zarash’ak, Terios had almost beaten Rhesh in one on one combat before Ithyria emerged from the shadows to assassinate Teranu’s oldest friend. Rhesh seems to want Teranu’s aid in whatever dark plot he is championing. No doubt Utara’ whisperings of Teranu’s has played a major role in Rhesh’s outreach.

Teranu bested this menace in combat with the aid of his friends. as he died, Terios appeared in spirit form one last time and dragged this demonic into the bowels Khyber, sealing Rhesh’s fate for an eternity.


Rhesh Turakbar (Deceased)

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