Sark is an old friend to Teranu and Terios, as the three of you all joined the Lion’s Drake mercenaries at the same time and served in the same company under Captain Granger Clodek. Though Teranu knew Terios from his tribal youth, Sark quickly bonded with the old minotaur friends and proved himself again and again on the battlefield. He has a quick wit and an easy manner that makes him a well respected member of any group he joins.

Professionally, he is a fighter of uncommon skill for one so small. Favoring a longsword, Sark can easily hold his own against larger foes who learn quickly not to underestimate the darting kobold.

With the death of Terios, Sark has struggled mightily to understand his next step now that he feels so alone. Teranu is caught up in his own world now, and Sark senses it is time for him to carve his own place in history.



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