Prophecy's Empire

The house Sivis problem

On the third Zul of Therendor (early spring), year 998, Sivis workers in Krona Peak received a distress call from the enclave in Newthrone. Under the leadership of Orla Santor, the Sivis gnomes of Newthrone had gone to excavate an ancient Dragonborn tmple in the ruined city of Sulthirak. The routine communication between Orla and the skeleton crew left to manage the House proper in Newthrone went dead.

James Biegle was sent by Talia Torralyn d’Sivis (leader of Taskers Dream) to investigate the matter. Manishtu, who has been living in Krona Peak studying the prophecy, seems to have played some role in encouraging James’ involvement.

Roshi and Teranu were hired on the 3rd Far of Therendor, 998, to assist James in finding out what happened to Orla and the other Sivis gnomes.

A new crew of gnomes from Zilargo arrived on the 4th Mol of Therendor. Operations were quickly restored to normal capacity. A terrible fever was established as a cover story for the weeks of disrupted operations at the House.

On the 4th Sar of Therendor (last day of early spring), James and his company returned and notified the enclave that Orla and the other gnomes in Sulthirak have been slain by demons they accidently released in their dig.

Teranu's Journal: Four Years Later

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Four Years Later

This has been a great four years. The Liondrake Mercenaries have been good to me, and I’ve learned a helluva lot. Heskin, my mentor at the Riverwatcher Tribe, has trained me well. Now I feel like I am ready for big and better things. I’m still House Tharashk through and through, but they’ll be benefiting from my experiences now, not the other way around. Kork’ll be great in my place – he’s a lot smarter than I am.

Heskin’s proud of me, and tells me to trust in myself. I’m proud of who I’ve become. I know I’ll return the favor when I become known like Rotgar, and until then, I need to work on me.

It was great seeing James, but it did bring … memories. Then Roshijoined us! Roshi believes it’s fate, and talks about our destiny. Not sure I agree, but it does mean something. They speak often of prophecies and fate, conversation which makes me yawn. Hopefully they keep it light at the Bitch’s Tit tonight! Time to drink!

Teranu's Journal: Day of Mourning

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

The Day of Mourning

Even at dock in Krona Peak, the Spirit of Stormholm is beautiful, and guarding it with Horn & Claw has been rewarding. All I do is look menacing with my hammer and people just walk away, thinking I am the monster that people make minotaurs out to be.

I am thankful for the opportunity to travel the world as I have, even during this hellish war. Going to Cyre and evacuating people from war-torn towns and cities, it feels like we’re doing good in the world, saving lives. I am glad I’m up here and not in the thick of it. Glad no-one wants to mess with Droaam, as chaotic as everything is.

Seargent Grainger Clodeck, came up to Terios and I and told us we’re movin’ out, to get to our stations. The captain, Captain Allara Del’orien, was already at the head, preparing the ship. I felt the heat of the elemental even as I boarded. We only took on a few passengers, but they exuded power. First there was the deva, Ithiria. She was this purple angel-like creature who wore her battle-gear proudly. Then came Rhogar Scalebane, a dragonborn warden. He was a guardian of the wood, and certainly dressed that way, in all leather and hides. Then the gnome, Pog. He was the oldest gnome I’ve ever seen, and probably could speak a dozen languages and used spells more often than muscle. He had an assistant, James, who mostly stayed in their cabin working with potions and herbs and what-not.

King’s Crown was fun, especially when Rhogar joined in. I know I lost money but it was worth it to hear his stories. He’s able to change into these forms who were the essence of these primal spirits he communes with. The wind and even the ground beneath him did as he asked.

Landed in Making. We landed in a park that’s been harvested of it’s trees. The heroes went off and did their thing, and Horn & Claw did our thing – guard the Spirit.

Pog came back with a crystal-covered humanoid, known as a Shardmind. He said later his name was Manishtu. Pog pleaded with me to keep him safe. He then said if anything happened that put the ship in danger, to take off. This just got serious.

Soon after, the tower the deva flew to exploded. Then mist started pouring out of it. We had to get out of there, and so we got on the ship and tried to leave Making as fast as we could. We did too – even got a stow-away – a dragonborn named Roshi. But Rhogar, Pog, Itharia … gone. We’re currently racing as fast as we can east trying to outrun whatever this mist is. Adrenaline is the only thing keeping all of us going, lest we be overcome, either mentally or physically by the mist.

Cyre is gone. I think we were the only people who managed to escape in the entire land. We landed on the highlands just inside the Valinar border. As insane as it sounds, it seemed to stop right at Cyre’s border.

We’re off to Newthrone. Grainger says the Liondrake Mercenaries are sure to get all there brutes in line preparing for the aftershock. Gonna miss the Spirit, but duty calls. We had a good run.

Roshi says he can the Riverwatcher Clan, a dragonborn clan south of Newthrone They know of Rhogar … hopefully I can find training there.

Teranu's Journal: Droaam & the Grayplains Clan (Background)

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Background: Droaam & the Grayplains Clan

I have become as powerful as I am through my heritage as much as my training. My sister Utara, and the rest of the Grayplains Clan would be proud of my accomplishments, and may even smile at my communing with the primal spirits.

One day I will see them again, when I can help rid them of Rhesh Turakbar and his demon-worshippers. Thankfully, they’ve moved the clan far south of Turakbar’s Fist. The Great Crag is harder to get to, but the distance is worth it.

The Daughters of Sora Kell. I’m not sure I agree with their values, but they seek unification and recognition for Droaam, which will help significantly.

Until then, hopefully the spirits will look fondly on my clan. The Graywall Plains are teaming with life … but if Rhesh expands southward… I may have to venture back early. Hopefully I am powerful enough and with the spirits guiding me, we can hold them off until the time comes to rid Eberron of Rhesh Turakbar.

The day of Mourning
What we saw.

As minor players in a cataclysmic event, the yet unformed party watched in horror as the brilliant Pog Middlethorp (James’ mentor), the mighty Rhogar Scalebane (noble dragonborn Warden), the angelic Ithiria (Deva), and a powerful warforged named Rampart were killed in a colossal explosion atop the Cannith enclave in the city of Making.

Following the explosion, a malicious shadow arose from within a towering column of greenish gray mist. Then the mists began filling the whole city, causing an immediate cessation of the siege as armies from all sides tried to flee the oncoming terror.

Knowing better than to wait and see what happened, James ordered the airship the party had come on to flee. Manishtu, a powerful yet mysterious Shardmind whose recovery was one of Pog’s goals in coming to Making had been secured, and nothing more could be done. At the last minute, a shackled dragonborn (Roshi), managed to cling to the airship’s anchor-lines, though for a brief moment he was subsumed by the mist and almost died.

The airship barely escaped the mist. Sobered and defeated, the group parted ways in the city of Newthrone in the wild jungles of Q’barra.


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