Prophecy's Empire

Current quests

Several issues remain unsolved to date:

  • Roshi’s arm looks bad, and needs to be cured. The soulwaters hidden somewhere in Western Khorvaire may prove useful.
  • Gnomes and elves have formed some kind of alliance, though to what end they are working toawrds is unclear.
  • Rhesh Turakbar, a vile demon worshiping minotaur from Droamm, has assembled an army and is wrecking havoc across Breland and the Eldeen Reaches. Roshi believes Moil, Durostan, and Baphomet (the demon that Rhesh worships) are underlings of a far worse rakshasa named Bel Shalor. Undoubtedly these demons are trying to manipulate the prophecy to fulfill their dark agendas.
  • Ithyria is still on the loose, and her story most likely corresponds to ours in some key way.
The Silver Mine

As per Talia’s wishes, the haunted silver mine was released from its undead tormentors. It seems the dwarves had unearthed an ancient Dhakhanni temple within a mountain and follishly dispelled the wardings on a dimensional seal bound to Mabar. Hordes of skeletons assailed the part until Roshi and James restored the seal and destroyed the undead. Unfortunately, Moil, the rakshasa overlord trapped in Roshi briefly gained control of the hapless dragonborn. A flash of silver energy cast Moil out, but part of the demon still lingers in Roshi’s right arm.

Roshi is determined to finish the job, now that he understands how vicarious his control of Moil is.

The Vision Quests

Holy Uldra, a halfling mystic with a growing pack of followers, insisted we ‘cleanse’ ourselves before being allowed to carry on with our journey.

The first test saw the party fight a Tyrannosaurus. Teranu’s mastery of the land prevented the behemoth from using its worst attacks.

The second test pitched the party against the elements. Ultimately, James’ nimbleness (body and mind), proved the difference.

The third test was a spirit journey into our own souls.

  • James found himself lost in a maze that offered no answers. Only by smashing the walls of the maze could he escape its unending labyrinth.
  • Teranu found himself in a desolate landscape, barren of life on one side and plagued by a city of pure gold on the other. Undeterred, Teranu found the heart of life within the city and took that seed to fertile soil.
  • Roshi was lost in a Cyre like mist, battling shadows of himself that came at him with unrelenting force. Eventually, he stabbed himself through the heart and was freed.

After that test, we could glimpse into the hearts of our companions.

  • Teranu was seen in constant battle on two fronts; creatures of nature attacking from one side, products of civilization the other.
  • James was covered in armor, removing a piece here and there only to have new metal plates fill in the gaps he created.
  • Roshi was playing in a artificers workshop, seemingly happy, although his every movement was under the control of Moil’s shadow, who manipulated Roshi like a puppet.

Beyond that, we saw the aspect of Balinor, a dragon the size of a mountain, burning the earth in a terrible and beautiful cleansing fire. However, James saw something else… a blinding and haunting light. Just beyond the light was something he needed to see, but he lacked the strength to perceive its form and was struck blind for a time.

Manishtu's interpretation of the Prophecy of Three and the Wheel of light and shadow

Manishtu has collected various segments of an incomplete prophecy. He suspects our party to be a part of this prophecy, but hesitates to confirm that. In two years, a profound planetary alignment will allow for movement of the wheel of light and shadow. It is not clear where or what that is, but determines or reflects the possible fate of the world. It has 13 states of being or notches, and it currently between a neutral state and a shadowy state. Moving towards the shadow will be a disaster for civilization, at least as far as Manishtu is concerned. Manishtu also suspects that the total prophecy is 13 verses.

1. The Wheel of Light and Shadow shall shift again when the shattered world returns.
(2 lines missing from this verse)

2. Three shall push the wheel towards light.
Three shall push the wheel towards shadow.
Three in the middle shall decide its course.

3. When the wheel turns to shadow, the mists will rise again and the children of the dragon between will flourish only in death.
And this shall be if the shattered world lingers in its broken course.
(1 line missing)

4. And this shall be if the shattered world is made whole again.
(2 lines missing)

5. Only the son of Khyber can bind the Eye of Siberys.
(2 parts missing)

6. The heart of Eberron is the first of the three who shall decide the course of the wheel of light and shadow.
(2 parts missing)

Seven verses are missing. Manishtu suspects those verse pertain to the following…
Who the three of light are.
Who the three of shadow are.
Where the wheel is.
What the wheel is.
What would happen if the wheel fails to shift at all.
These seem like probable verses.

Teranu's Journal: Heart's Descent

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Heart’s Descent into Talenta

Newthrone. One would’ve never thought that I’d be so apprehensive entering the city I’ve been a part of for the past four years. However, it is exactly how well I know this city that makes me so apprehensive, carrying what we do. I’m almost glad I don’t have the understanding that James or Roshi have about the Heart. Keeps me focused on protecting it.

House Sivis has apparently been filled to full strength while we were go, which was expected. However, these gnomes are from Zilargo, not Krona Peak. Even though they are of the same house, if they found out we we carry, they would commandeer it for their own purposes. Through lying and deception, we managed to hide the Heart in House Sivis for the time being. We hid it in a crate as big as I am, which gives you a good idea of just how massive this Heart is. Afterwards, James spoke with Jin, who arranged to get us the airship we so desperately need right now to get this thing out of Newthrone.

The night passed by uneventfully. James submitted his report to the new leader of the Newthrone enclave, Breena, but she knew he was hiding something. With a crate this large and no eyes having seen what’s in it besides us, it was expected. James even slept with Roshi and I in the stables, as he feared for his life. We almost completely forgot that the assasin, Itharia re-born, is still on the loose.

In the morning, James guarded the crate while Roshi went to get us some supplies for the upcoming journey to Krona Peak. I realized that we probably could use some extra guards, so went to Liondrake and get Terios and Sark to help out. I paid them 100 gold each out of my own pocket. James told me that I’d get reimbursed. I just hope we don’t need them.

As soon as the airship arrived, we started booking it. Terios and I guarded each side of the crate while Sark was up top. When we arrived to the airship, we told the captain rather bluntly that we needed to get going. While surprised, he obliged, as we ghad gotten the supplies he would need. We were finally on our way to Krona Peak.

The Desert Wind
The Desert Wind is a capable-enough airship. Manned by a skeleton-crew of 6 half-elves, including Captain Drew, and first-mate Quinn, they went about their jobs a little more hectic than usual, but that was expected. I’m glad Terios and Sark were able to come.

A few rounds of Kings Crown helped to make the trip a little more enjoyable. Especially for me since I won 100g back.

Battle! Four elven warriors on bats descended upon the ship. They were definitely professionals, the way they fought and looked. They were dressed all in black leather riding black bats. They came for this ship and this cargo. We fought them off, but not soon enough, as the captain and first-officer were killed, meaning the elemental was un-controlled. We braced ourselves for the crash into the Ironroot Mountains (all three of the us guards almost got thrown off the ship). Everyone seemed to make it out okay, but each of us came to a scary realization:

If they wanted to crash the ship, they had people on the ground to pick up the downed cargo…

Teranu's Journal: Sulthuriak Temple

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Sulthuriak Temple

We arrived early on the fifth day. We descended under the layer of haze persisting around Haka’torvhak, so we were actually about to see a good distance surrounding the excavation site. There were several tents surrounding the temple, all empty.

From what we could tell, nothing had come in and slaughtered them, nor were they poisoned. They hadn’t left in a hurry, and no-one had ransacked the place. We concluded they had probably been manipulated somehow and had gone into the temple, so that’s where we went.

The inside of the temple was as you would expect of an old dragonborn temple. Every so often, we came to a set of massive doors, which we would push open. We found out later there was some gadgets or magic which closed the doors after a while. At this point, we’re following some specks of blood found by one of the doors.

Combat! We found a corpose of one of the gnomes (we think) in one of the rooms we came across. Several demons walked about the room, one was feasting on the corpse. We may have been in over our heads, but we triumphed. We did a lot better than before, and I think Roshi only got hit once. My friend helped me throughout the fight, and I know he enjoyed defeating the demons just as much as I did.

James was in trouble, and I couldn’t get to him. He survived though, with the help of Roshi’s gadgets. I wish there was something I could’ve done.

One of the demons got away – a little fat round demon with wings. He carried a horn, which he had sounded to bring another … thing into the battle. We’ll have to face him again, I know it. And next time, he won’t get away!

We proceeded on, going through doorways and corridors, and came upon a huge room with the draconic prophecy written on the walls. Roshi and James were awe-struck. Roshi wrote down everything that he saw. I know draconic from being with the Riverwatchers, but this was foreign to me. James said it was more arcane than draconic.

The next big room we came to had statues surrounding a throne. Roshi walked up to the throne, and must’ve triggered something, cause these spinning tops of death, sharp edges included, appeared and started attacking us. I knocked the first one over easily enough, but another one appeared.

Roshi and James started trying to disarm it. I tried to keep them focused, cause theyw ere starting to panic … at least Roshi was.

It was not a battle we’re used to, but we got through it. Each top was powered by a shard, and in the end, we got three Khyber Dragonshards out of it. Those will be very useful.

Seems though we’re getting better and better as we move on. Grainger used to say “stay together, work together, win together!” I believe in those wors now more than ever.

After that, we made our way back up and out of the temple. We were all pretty drained, but we got through the night.


The temple of Sulthirak, near the base of the huge volcano Haka’Torvhak, held many secrets for party to unearth. The lands around Haka’Torvhak are clearly tainted, the party having had to fight bullywugs and demons to get to Sulthirak, a sign that the Rakshasa overlord imprisoned within the volcano is more active than any sane person would care to think about.

Most importantly, it was the resting place of The Heart of Eberron, a 12 foot eberron dragonshard which the party is currently escorting to Newthrone, with plans to take to Krona Peak and give to the care of Manishtu.

Strange ancient technology was found in the Temple, including a illusion generating device which told the story of the Temple. When the dragonborn failed to contain the Rakshasa 9000 years ago, the duty was taken from them by the dragons who to this day manage the fiend. Additionally, the Minotaurs have some kind of relevant connection to the dragonborn, having helped build the ancient structures of this lost city. The illusion did not say where the minotaurs are from.

A glowing segment of wall within the temple revealed a portion of the draconic prophecy. Because of the archaic syntax of this very old form of draconic, Roshi needs time and reference materials to make anything coherent out of the phrases.

Teranu's Journal: Heskin and the Winter Herald (Background)

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Background: Heskin and the Winter Herald

I’m starting to feel the call of nature. I feel the wind blow, backing the force behind my actions. I feel faster than I ever have. The mud is encouraging beneath my hooves, ready to support and stabilize me.

“Put your trust in nature. It will guide you to where you are needed, and knows who you will become. You are going to be a great warden of the world – believe in yourself.” Heskin’s right. I think I believe in myself, but it’s still a little foreign to me to trust in nature.

“You’ve come a great way, Teranu. It is time to see who nature has decided for you to become.” With only a day of rations, he sends me out into the Q’barra jungle to face whatever comes.

Nothing so far. The jungle is quiet. I have a good idea of where I am, but Heskin felt I should try to live more in the wild, so I’ve abandoned the trail. I started a campfire to heat the rations given to me. I’m not sure how smart it is to do this, but I’ll be doing this more often than not, so this is how life is going to be.

Then it came! A wolf almost as tall as I was, and white as the snow-capped mountains in the Mror Holds. I’ve never even heard of wolves this size, let alone this type, being this far south.

I took a defensive stance, and let it come. It lept towards my neck, but I used the incoming force to throw it behind me. Now it was my turn. I charged the wolf, who came at me just as fast.

We must’ve fought each other for some time, as the moons had shifted quite a bit. I kicked him off me and got up. In the second’s rest I had, I re-stablized my footing taking my earth stance and dared him to come at me, snorting.

But he didn’t. He did something I’ve never seen before or since – he bowed. Well, as much as a wolf can. I recognized the bow and returned the favor, holding my mace to my chest. I offered him some of my ration.

I knew in my heart that I had succeeded. The wolf stayed with me throughout the night, and ran with me the next day. Then … he was gone. I went back to the Tribe and told Heskin what happened, he smiled.

“The winter herald has deemed you worthy, Teranu. You certainly are going to be a great warden.” He taught me how to call on the winter herald, this white wolf of the Frostfell. Soon I was able to use a power he had bestowed upon me – the frostgrip. Water would shoot out of the ground like a hot spring, but freeze quickly around my enemies, freezing their entire lower-half in place.

When I turn into this form, I get to “see” my old friend again. I sense his presence, and am reminded of our great battle, and running through the wilds of Q’barra, racing through the jungles like it was our … home.

Teranu's Journal: Journey to Haka’torvhak

Journal of Teranu Plainstrider

Journey to Haka’torvhak

Day 1: I realized today that while it definitely is good to see James and Roshi again, we are entirely different people than we were four years ago. I agree with Roshi in that fate seems to have brought us together, I just don’t know why. Hopefully it is for good.

During the evening, James and Roshi started talking about fates, the world at large, and in general intellectual stuff. I decided to go to sleep, as it had been a long day, and I should get sleep while I can before we start getting close to Haka’torvhak. I’ve never been out that far, but I’ve heard the stories.

Day 2: Outside of running across some of the dragonborn tribes, it was a pretty uneventful day. There was some small talk throughout the day, but we kept to ourselves for the most part. I was in my element, James didn’t show any emotion either for or against it. Roshi hated this trek, even with Skash, his lizard, follwing him.

That evening, we tried to get to know each other in ways that really mattered – combat. I’m not exactly sure what Roshi does, but he’s made a pact with someone named Morial? All I know is that it apparently lives in Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. I’m fearful of whatever it is getting lose, but Roshi seems confident he can control it, so I will trust him.

James is impressive. For a gnome, he can move amazingly well, and jumps everywhere. He doesn’t seem to use weapons outside of tiny shuriken. He’s definitely the agile one of the group. Hopefully he can avoid getting hit.

I showed off my form. They did think it neat, especially in the sweltering jungle. Couldn’t really show them any of my guardian powers, as I didn’t want to hurt them. I did tell Roshi he should try to stick by me though, as it would help me do what I do better – protect them.

Day 3: Started getting into the border swamp of Haka’torvhak. The volcanic haze smelled of sulfer, and the waters had a layer or ash covering it. This may all be natural, but it does have the demonic taint of the dragon below.

Battle! Our first one together. We fought some corrupted bullywogs. I think I did well, except for leaving Roshi un-defended for a few seconds. They took advantage of it. I need to start trusting them more in battle – that they will bring my foes to me, and take care of any I can’t. My job is to protect Roshi, and keep them busy fighting me.. We got a Staff of Fiery Might, which had an Eberron Dragonshard of Animosity on it. Roshi turned the staff to dust, but the shard’ll help. Hopefully it doesn’t get lost in his stuff. Our party definitely is unique!

Rains started again. I turned my tent into a tarp and let them sleep. The rains refreshed me, and it was the one thing I could connect to as not being corrupted.

Day 4: Reached the rise before Haka’torvhak. The rains stopped and on an outcropping, we could see the sky again, if not for a second. There it stands off in the distance, as does our goal – Sulthirak. That volcano must be over 4 miles high!

The house Sivis problem

On the third Zul of Therendor (early spring), year 998, Sivis workers in Krona Peak received a distress call from the enclave in Newthrone. Under the leadership of Orla Santor, the Sivis gnomes of Newthrone had gone to excavate an ancient Dragonborn tmple in the ruined city of Sulthirak. The routine communication between Orla and the skeleton crew left to manage the House proper in Newthrone went dead.

James Biegle was sent by Talia Torralyn d’Sivis (leader of Taskers Dream) to investigate the matter. Manishtu, who has been living in Krona Peak studying the prophecy, seems to have played some role in encouraging James’ involvement.

Roshi and Teranu were hired on the 3rd Far of Therendor, 998, to assist James in finding out what happened to Orla and the other Sivis gnomes.

A new crew of gnomes from Zilargo arrived on the 4th Mol of Therendor. Operations were quickly restored to normal capacity. A terrible fever was established as a cover story for the weeks of disrupted operations at the House.

On the 4th Sar of Therendor (last day of early spring), James and his company returned and notified the enclave that Orla and the other gnomes in Sulthirak have been slain by demons they accidently released in their dig.


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