Confrontation with Vvaraak

Plunging deeper into the ancient and abandoned troglydyte city hidden below the swamps of the shadow marches, the heroes encountered a swirling maelstrom of undead chaos surrounding the central tower of the city. Trog spirits, bound by some malign force, screamed in agony as they circled perpetually around a black, glowing diamond hovering in the eye of the storm. Pushing through the agonized undead, the heroes survived this latest obstacle, and Teranu then smashed the sinister diamond, freeing the tormented trogs from their prison.

Climbing up the tower, the heroes came upon an extremely elaborate astrolabe. Above it hung the skeletal remains of Vvaraak. Before they could fully explore the lab, a malign spirit dragon struck the party, lashing at them with bitter cold strikes and pushing Teranu to the very edge of the tower. Time and again the ghost dragon tried to push Teranu from the ledge, but the mighy minotaur would not yield and clung fast to the wall. With Rampart coordinating a succession of strikes, James delivered a flurry of brutal blows and at last brought the monstrous creature down. Weary, the heroes looked on as despair as Vvaraak awakened, and the colossal dracolich floated to the ground. Luckily, she intended no harm to the party and in fact spoke to them of missing lines of the prophecy that Manishtu had been seeking.

Vvaraak illuminated missing elements of the prophecy, though even for her the exact meaning and full breakdown had proven elusive. A few things were made clear however:

  • James has been given a portion of Manishtu’s ‘soul’. That is the power that will open the soulgate. To save Roshi, James will have to fulfill Manishtu’s sacrifice. Depending on his choice, the world will unfold one of two ways.
  • Teranu will have to confront his sister. Vvaraak revealed to Teranu that minotaurs are the seventh sons of Khyber (translation – they are demons). How he deals with this and what he does for Utara are still uncertain, though his actions are likely to resonate through history. He has been given an eberron shard to use in at the moment where he must see the world more clearly than he currently dies.
  • Vvaraak seems to know that James confronted the wall of light. She suspects he will confront it again, and she assured him that this time, the results must be better.
  • She also knows James saw the phantom form of the Garden of the Gods. James would not tell her of the experience though.
  • Rampart has his own demons to battle in the upcoming fight. He must allow the past to become apparent again.

Confrontation with Vvaraak

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