Into Vvaraak's Cave

Entering the mechanical ‘cave’, the heroes could see that metal golem defenders had already been smashed by Rhesh’s minotaurs. Descending deeper on the grated steel platform, the architectural design of Vvaraak’s cave suggested ancient minotaur craftsmanship, similar to that found in Q’barra. Copper piping, steam vents, and a form born of function all suggest Teranu’s race has a more complex past than many realize.

Lower in the cave, a massive ravine separated the heroes from a huge, round door. The bridge crossing that ravine had been destroyed, and the other side was protected by a tiefling and four minotaur archers. James hid behind a barrel, but the barrel turned out to be a trap that exploded in his face. The fight began.

Teranu took the lead, leaping out into the ravine and grasping a copper wire dangling from the ceiling, and allowing his momentum to swing him to the other side. Where Teranu relied on raw power, James approached the chasm with finesse, delicately propelling himself from a mangled point of the twisted bridge wreckage. Finally, Rampart swung over in a fairly uneventful but functional manner.

The battle was quick and never in question. However, just before her death, the tiefling sacrificed her life to complete a potent arcane warding ritual on the door, sealing it against any intrusion the heroes could muster.

With no choice but to descend into the ravine, the heroes took flak from an annoying acid spray trap and deadly spiked beach at the chasm bottom. A silty underground river laced calmly through the cavernous trench. James used the river and his mastery of stealth to scout ahead.

Another possible entrance was soon discovered along the river, another small embankment leading to a massive archway flanked by the caves characteristic everburing blue torches. A pair of undead troglodytes proved to be more dangerous than initially thought, and fatigue from the long journey began to set in.

However, beyond the tunnel lay a great underworld city, perhaps once home to an entire civilization of trogs. The huge domed walls of this city were aglow with the slowly writhing mystical script of the prophecy, giving the low stone huts and eerie quiet of the abandoned town an even creepier feel. Somewhere further off in the shadow, the heroes could tell was an enormous tower, perhaps the resting place of the great dragon Vvaraak, and a possible clue to the mysteries of their journey.

Into Vvaraak's Cave

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