New Allies and new dangers

After Biegle’s dream vision and poisoning of Roshi, The Heroes of the Old Order took their fallen comrade to the Jorasco healing enclave in Zarash’ak. Roshi was given over to the care of Drisan Varu, the sagely halfling who runs the enclave. Little could be done for the delirious and babbling dragonborn, so the heroes resolved to continue the quest for the Soulgate, hoping it could provide a glimmer of respite against the overwhelming crush of murky evil that emanates from the sweltering mire that is the Shadow Marches.

Strange fortune played its hand quickly when James and Teranu met up with the Warforged Rampart, who was thought to be dead. Four years ago, Rampart had ascended the Cannith tower in Making with Pog, Ithyria, and the others and was clearly inside of it when it exploded. For his part, Rampart claims little memory of his life from that time. He knows he fought in the war, but otherwise his mind is a blank slate. Rampart was intrigued by the possibility of learning more about his identity and quickly agreed to assist the party in locating the Soulgate. Of the four years he did remember, Rampart hesitated to divulge any great detail.

After slogging through the swamp for a day and a half, the heroes came upon the outer rim of the Finch family grounds, an ancient in bred line of disenfranchised nobles rumored to possess the soulgate. A battle with a Finch and his pet mutant alligator ensued, but the heroes prevailed. Further observations of the Finch family revealed an easily suspected truth… the Finch’s are followers of a mad Khyber cult and have been twisted by a dark alliegence to Daelkyr monster trapped under the swamps of the Shadow Marches. James witnessed with his own eyes the family performing a bizarre sex ritual in a treacherous underground cavern. A fire was set at the cavern entrance to suffocate the maligned Finch’s and the party moved on to the main house.

A battle ensued between the heroes and the two heads of the Finch family, a husband and wide who wielded necrotic energy in their vain effort to slay the party. The soulgate, a strange star shaped object, was found shortly after. One more battle took place before the party could fully retreat to Zarash’ak, this time with monsterous dolgaunts and dolgrims. The outcome was never in doubt.

Unfortunately, the mystery to unlocking the soulgate could not be solved. And even worse, the party learned upon it’s return that Roshi had been kidnapped by Ithyria, Drisan Varu slain, and Rhesh Turakbars army but days away. At the cusp of success, all seemed close to loss.

New Allies and new dangers

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