Saving Roshi and confronting Utara

The final battle unfolded. Utara had come into possession of the Fist of Khyber, the immense Khyber dragonshard spoken of in prophecy and was using it to siphon the powers of an imprisoned Daelkyr in an effort to bring the bloodstar closer to Eberron. She succeeded to a degree, since the comet now seems like it is in a more permanent orbit.

The demon trapped in Roshi’s arm was partly fuel for the diabolic ritual. Ithyria and a gnome swordmage where also present, as well as a horde of sacrificial minotaurs. When the heroes arrived, Utara plunged a dagger into Roshi’s heart, causing the minotaur horde to be consumed in a fiery rage. With only seconds to act, the party raced to save Roshi.

Teranu confronted his sister, using his mastery of the primal spirits to knock the gnome into a hole leading straight the deepest reaches of Khyber. Unfortunately, Rampart was also thrown into the hole after being cursed into the form of a rat. James darted to Roshi’s side and activated the soulgate, leaving Utara and Ternanu alone to battle.

Utara had mastered some kind of primal shield however, and Teranu’s powers proved useless against his enraged sister. She tried to seduce him with power, but Teranu resisted, knowing such a choice would likely be his death if no way to breach her shield could be uncovered.

Meanwhile, James submerged Roshi in the healing waters of the Soulwell. However, Ithyria had snuck into the planar space with James and delivered a swift killing blow to James, striking him through the heart and before she kicked him into the soulwell. A fatal error on her part. As James sunk into the water, he was again confronted by the wall of light, beyond which was a shining woman who beckoned James to not try to pierce the light, but let it pierce him. Heeding her advise, James let down his barriers and and was filled with the silvery, life giving energy. He awoke and was once again in the Soulwell, with Ithyria unaware of his return.

Teranu finally remembered the dragonshard of perception he had been given by Vvaraak (spirits of air and triumph had to jog the lumbering hulk, but he remembered.) Channeling it’s energy, Ternau became aware of just how completely Utara controlled the nature spirits. However, he also became aware of all the other kinds of spirits that make up the world, the spirits of technology and industry, of machinery. Teranu’s eyes opened like few have before, to the true scope and majesty of the natural world, which even includes the things that many believe to be unnatural. He summoned the strength of those spirits to his side and smashed through Utara’s shield with ease. Rather than dealing the killing blow however, Teranu made the choice to throw himself into the Fist of Khyber, knocking it from it’s position over the demonic chasm and ending the dark ritual that Utara had started. The actnearly killed him, and Utaragot away in the lingering chaos, but the blue skies of eberron were restored, and a an age of nightmare ended before it could truly begin.

Back in the soulwell, James called out to Ithyria, challenging her to a final duel. His fists of radiance shining with the light of creation, her sword dark with the shadows of murder. She raised her sword as James charged, leaping into the air. Ithyrias efforts at defense were pointless. In a stunning flurry of strikes and one brutal ariel assault, James slaughtered the shocked Deva. In her death throes, she delivered an ominous warning about her next incarnation, however, and some evidence of that played out inky tendrils of shadow began to creep through the soulwell, distorting and warping it. James grabbed Roshi’s weary body and together they fled the crumbling dimension.

Rampart climbed back up from the hole, his memory refreshed and with new insights. Reunited, the party decided to linger a few days in Vvaraaks laboratory tower to research and restore themselves.

Saving Roshi and confronting Utara

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