The journey from Valkrek to Zarash'ak

We picked up passage out of the strange lands of Droamm from Valkrek port. I’d say in retrospect it’s a good thing Teranu was with us, for Droamm is truly a land of monsters that would not have let James and myself trespass unmolested.

The Marsh Zephyr, owned by Captain Cord, proved a reliable enough vessel, holding together after a brutal assault by a horrid kraken. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Captain or his first mate Tabith, who both lost their lives fighting the beast.

We navigated the grip, a series of swampy channels that lead into the heart of the Shadow Marches. There is something profoundly unnatural about this land. I hear whispers again, though thankfully this time they seem to emanate from the swamp, not my head. Still, considering my past, I’ve been hesitant to tell James and Teranu, for fear that they force me from the course of this adventure and sequester me away in a place they feel is safe.

However, when I think of the forces arrayed against us, I cannot imagine such a place exists in the world anymore.

I hear the voices again. Just the swamp. Just the swamp.

The journey from Valkrek to Zarash'ak

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